What to wear this Eid?

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Wear Salwar Kameez to Stun the Crowd this Eid

Well, to be frank, nothing is more elegant than a salwar kameez. This one is an all-purpose suit which you can wear in the office, you can also wear it in weddings for a glamorous look. However, when it comes to flaunting salwar kameez, you must keep some important facts in mind.

The fitting

Salwar kameez designs matter, however, the fitting matters too. An ill-fitting suit will not do justice to your appearance. This does not mean you would wear a tight fitting one either. What matters is you feel comfortable. Leave at least a little room for comfort when you are getting your salwar kameez made by a tailor or you are about to buy it from somewhere.

Color makes a difference

Yes, even if you don’t know or don’t notice, colors play a great role in making some look fat or slim. In case you are not aware of the fact, you need to focus on buying things which are in pastel shades only if you are slim. The heavier or healthier ladies can go for the dark shades as dark colors have a way of creating an illusion of slim looks.

The length needs focus

When you are about to go Salwar kameez shopping, you need to remember that the length of the suit would make a real difference in making you either look tall or short. For a tall lady, a long kameez would do proper justice. But, if your frame is not slender, you need to stay away from long salwar kameez suits.

The right cut for right look

The shape of a salwar kameez suit plays a great role in complimenting your body type. If you are slim or you are fortunate enough to have an hourglass figure, you can very well go for a straight cut suit. However, for ladies with pear shaped the Salwar kameez shopping should limit within Anarkali suits as these are great when it comes to hiding the curves.

The sleeves can be important too

When you are looking at Salwar kameez designs, you need to pay attention to the sleeves as your appearance depends on the right sleeves too. If you are slender, you are fortunate. There is no rule for you. However, if you are flabby, you need to be careful when it comes to the sleeves of the suits. Don’t go for sleeveless as it would show the flab of your arms.