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Latest Frock Salwar Kameez Suits 2017

Anarkali suits are and have been one of the most coveted ethnic outfits since the Mughal Era. The long flowing attire fitted at the bust has been modified over the years to match the trends. The word “Anarkali” literally means “bud of the pomegranate tree”.  The etymology of the term Anarkali is as fascinating as the ensemble itself. Legend has it that Anarkali, also known as Nadir Begum, was a beautiful courtesan in the fort of Emperor Akbar. He was enamored by her splendor and she was his fondest concubine. She was murdered at his orders when Akbar condemned her affair with his son Prince Salim. They say she was buried alive between two walls in Lahore, Pakistan. Prince Salim, later known as Jahangir, when enthroned, erected a tomb in her loving memory. The words “Could I behold the face of my beloved once more, I would thank God until the day of resurrection.” adorn the magnificent sepulcher situated in the midst of a pomegranate garden.

Latest Frock Suits 2017

The Anarkali regalia exemplify the beguiling traits of a woman. The fitted bust exudes confidence and poise while the flowing frock emanates her exuberant nature. This is usually paired with tight fitted leggings and a dupatta easily available online. The Anarkali designs are wide-ranging including Anarkali dresses, Anarkali Salwar Kameez and Anarkali Salwar Suit that one can buy online.

Latest Straight Salwar Kameez Churidaar Suit 217

Anarkali dresses are floor length Anarkalis that are paired with either chudidars or leggings. They come in different materials like georgette and net fabric which one can buy online at reasonable prices. One can shop online for Anarkalis of different styles including A-line Anarkali, Asymmetrical Anarkali, Heavy Pleated Anarkali and Front Slit Anarkali at cheap prices.  

Latest A-liner Salwar Kameez Suit 2017

The A-line Anarkali has a straight fall and has a smart yet feminine touch to it. They are best worn in patterns or plain vibrant colours that one can shop for online. The A-line ensemble is fit for women of all shapes and sizes.

Latest Asymmetrical Anarkali or Tail Cut Anarkali Suit 2017

The Asymmetrical Anarkali is shorter at the front and longer at the back. It has a tail-like flair that is best paired with high heels and chudidars that also you can shop for online. The Asymmetrical Anarkalis usually have heavy embroidery at the bottom to accentuate the flair.

Latest Heavy Pleated Anarkali 2017

The Heavy Pleated Anarkali is the one with lots of pleats in the frock. Their length can vary from knee length to below to knee to even floor length Anarkalis. The floor length Anarkalis usually look like ethnic gowns that are popular this wedding season. You can shop online to get Anarkalis with golden shimmer to shine this wedding season.

Latest Front Slit Anarkali Salwaar Kameez Ladies Suit 2017

The Front Slit Anarkali is one which has a slit in the middle at the front. It is usually long and straight. The slit can start from anywhere under the bust to just below the belt area. The Front Slit Anarkali is trendy and perfect for girls who wish to show off a little of their belly. One can shop online at cheap prices for Front Slit Anarkalis paired with plazzos and pants.

Latest Palazzo Anarkali Salwar Kameez Suit 2017

Assorted Anarkali styles are available online and can be paired with printed or straight plazzos, kameez or leggings. Short Anarkali Salwar Suit is best paired with a kameez as an Anarkali SalwarKameez. It is especially comfortable in the summer months but is available in cotton and wool fabrics all year long and one buy online.
Anarkalis are one of the most elegant outfits of the Indian culture and make every woman feel royal and alluring. The feeling of being feminal is abound in every corner as you can now shop online for all styles, colors and cuts at reasonable prices. Go online and check out great deals on the most exquisite outfits! Be beautiful.


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Sarees have timelessly adorned the bodies of beautiful women and been the bearer of the eternally elegant Indian tradition. The drapes accentuate the natural curves of women and make her feel confident and ravishing. With time, not only the saree drapes, but also the saree blouses have evolved to match the current trends. There is a vast multitude of options available to tailor a blouse to suit any occasion and any body type. Luckily, good quality saree blouse designs are available online at reasonable prices. The more you explore and browse the internet, the more varied saree blouse designs you will find. Here is a glimpse at the top trending saree blouse designs!

The boat neck saree blouse design has a cut that shows off the neck and collar bone with a subtle edge. They may be full sleeves or half sleeves and are usually not very long.


The sheer saree blouse design has very little lining and it usually made of translucent materials like net. The net work may be sequined or plain and the lining is usually of the same color as the net itself.

It is the perfect design to show off that back while subtly displaying the cleavage. The halter know at the back can add an extra dimension when ‘latkans’ are added to it. These may be long or short in length and come in all fabrics including velvet.

This is similar but different from the halter neck design as it covers the neck. Usually cut sleeves and medium in length, they give an elegant edge to the attire.

They are perfect in winters but because they look so elite when worn, full sleeve saree blouse designs can be witnessed all year long. They are usually very well embroidered and well fitted while being of a short length.

It is trendy and chic and runs a criss cross pattern along the back. The number of times it criss crosses can vary and the width of the straps can be wide or narrow. Narrower it is, the more complex it looks.

A very unique design, the sweater blouse design is so you can wear sarees in the chilly weather as well. They are usually of warm fabrics like wool and in very bold patterns.
It is the perfect design to showcase that tummy as the blouse encircles around it and the edges continue till the waist. It is a simple design but is sure to pair well with any saree.

A very vintage concept, a corset is well fitted and perfect to draw attention to the cleavage with the added advantage of giving you an hour glass figure. Usually in materials like velvet, it is  of a standard waist length.

Very similar to the boat neck blouse design, but the neck is a little lower, so low that the sleeves are off shoulder and full expose the collar bone. It can be paired with heavy neck jewelry to give it that extra oomph. 

This blouse has a very revealing back with just one strap running down the back. The strap is not very wide and is usually decorated with lace. The front of the back is usually plain to emphasize on the back.

It is a blouse that has no straps of any kind. It may be of any length and comes in all materials. It can be heavily embroidered or simple according to the occasion it is worn at.

The jacket saree blouse design is very smart and makes a powerful statement. Buttoned at the front, it may be of any length and material. It may be cotton to suit the summer months or velvet and wool to suit the winter months.

It is a blouse with a collar like extension around the neck. Usually of a material like satin, the collar is plain while the rest of the blouse may be patterned. It is usually of a short length.

All the saree blouse designs are available at reasonable prices online.  The scope for varied designs and styles is vast and unending. The fabrics may include lace, net, leather, cotton or wool. The simplistic yet trendy designs include graphic printing and stripes. Patterns including diverse shapes and sequins make an outfit interesting and get heads turning towards you. They are suited for every occasion and can be paired with the appropriate jewelry to make a statement. The powerful attire has a subtle feminine edge that makes it more poised than any other traditional attire and is a must-have for every woman. The ever changing saree blouse designs ensure that sarees never go out of fashion, and nor do you. Buy saree online or blouses online at reasonable prices and let the woman in you power through so delicately!