IshiMaya - Introduction

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Through this first post, I would like to introduce you to - finest authentic ethnic Indian products online shopping portal.

IshiMaya - Meaning

First up meaning of Ishi Maya. In Sanskrit "Ishi" is the name of goddess Durga & "Maya" is associated with wealth or affluence. We joined these two words while picturing a women donning a beautiful ethnic Indian dresses like Saree or a Salwar Kameez or a Lehenga. We named our website "IshiMaya" owing to this very richness of Indian dressing.

The Beginning went live on 15th March, 2013. It was started from the first floor of a small residential building in west Delhi, India. On 16th March 2013, IshiMaya received its first order from London. This order was for a Pink colored saree. Only god knows how this very first customer located as there was no marketing or promotion done till this point in time. This customer later became a regular at IshiMaya & till date has ordered more than 15 dresses. was started so that a highly curated collection of ethnic Indian apparel like designer Sarees, fancy Salwar Kameez, lehengas (& lehenga style sarees) etc could be made available to people of Indian sub-continent origin residing in any part of the world. Our first set of customers were people of Bangladeshi origin from USA, UK & Australia.

Journey so far

What we have had at IshiMaya is not less than a roller coaster ride in almost 3 years of IshiMaya's existence. We started with only International operations. Within a month into operations, we started sales within India as well. Within first 6 months & without any marketing, our orders went from 5 orders per day to over 40 orders per day.

Each & every order made us believe more & more into IshiMaya story and it further strengthened our resolve to make IshiMaya #1 brand for ethnic Indian apparel.

So far - in around 3 years of operations, IshiMaya has grown organically & has thousands of customers in India & abroad. So far we have shipped our products in more than 40 countries. Out of every 3 customers, 2 are repeat customers. We have received many compliments from customers around our timeliness, authenticity of our products, quality of stitching & fitting & our awesome customer support.

IshiMaya is currently also selling on leading & niche marketplaces in India & abroad. Owing to the professionalism of our team, IshiMaya products have proven to be very good for marketplaces sales & name as well.

IshiMaya also counts various boutiques & re-sellers in India & abroad among its customers. This set of customers place regular orders from IshiMaya for re-selling objective to their target customers.

What's Next

Team at IshiMaya is now focusing on in-house designing & introduction of new product categories. We have had so far done successful launches of in-house designed sarees. Next in-house designed collections are targeted around product categories such as semi-formal gowns, salwar kameez & trendy bottom wear.

We are also looking forward to launch exclusive & highly curated collections of fashion or imitation jewelry, home decor & other fashion accessories.


I am glad that you read this very first blog post of mine. I am a beginner at writing, so please excuse mistakes or banal writing.

I promise to write regularly about other awesome things that we do at I will also write about the awesome team that we have here at I will also write some posts on the Chandni Chowk area, where's office is located.