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Wedding season is a time of purchasing Ethnic Wear which incorporates Party Wear Lehengas, Marriage Wedding Lehengas, high quality wedding sarees and wedding sarees.. In this way, be it a salwar suit, saree, or lehenga, the clothing must be selective. Lehengas are the ideal decision as they are awesome to take a gander at, oversaw advantageously and simple to wear. A considerable measure of online boutiques offering the most fitting Indian ethnic wear for their clients and commending the crowds by the stunning ethnic wear as Gems On the web, and Marriage lehengas on the web. Online boutiques have a wide accumulation of creator lehnagas with finest quality fabric that is anything but difficult to wear and simple to keep up. Submit your request for creator lehengas on Online Lehenga Store now.

In adornments you can without much of a stretch discover Wedding Rings, Sets, Passa, Studs, Arm ornaments, Armbands and Neckband. Every one of the items is magnificent and outlined by expert specialists and additional items including rubies, gemstones, brilliant stones and so forth
 in different colors for example, maroon, red, or burgundy. Be that as it may, present d. The Creator Lehenga is ideal for the function. The style and shade of the architect lehenga can be adjusted according to as indicated by party. Along these lines, if a lady is wearing a creator lehengas with weaving, on wedding service, she can go for a vigorously adorned lehenga, zari encrusted on the day. The shade of the wedding creator lehengas wears relies on upon the occasion. The fundamental criteria of shading example rely on upon the lady's identity.

The clothing is fundamentally a ladies adore significantly more as far as hues and styles. Planner clothing types come in different shading designs in green, pink, orange, blue, brilliant, violet, and silver. Wedding sets come in assortment of plans that are more popular and up-to-date. Today, ladies have the decision of purchasing Fashioner Wedding Lehengas in an assortment of materials such as chiffon, Georgette, silk, glossy silk, and crepe. Cuts like mermaid cut, fish cut, and a line lehengas are surely understood. A ladies' clothing is dependably the most brilliant with substantial weaving, rich hues, and coordinating frill. Ladies can without much of a stretch buy their Creator Wedding Lehenga online as opposed to going to a considerable measure of stores to look for suitable clothing.

Online shopping stores have an incredible gathering of Designer Lehenga Saree a unique combination of saree and lehenga to suit each taste. They offer awesome costs, as well as offering coordinating extras too for the great appearance. IshiMaya is a well-known online and offline store for purchasing designer lehengas for party and marriage functions.
Conclusion- IshiMaya launches its ranges of fashion wear that incorporates collections of designer lehengas for different purposes. Catch your fashionable dresses with IshiMaya.  

Chandni Chowk - Saree & Salwar Kameez Capital of the World

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Indian ethnic wear like Saree, Salwar Kameez, Lehenga etc are world famous among people of the Indian sub-continent origin. If there is a place on earth that can be called the Saree capital of the world then it has to be Chandni Chowk - which is oldest and busiest market in Delhi. It is also one of the biggest markets in Asia.

There are 10s of thousands of shops which sell all sorts of Sarees, Salwar kameez, Lehengas - right from printed patterns to hand & machine embroidered patterns. For every occasion & every budget. People come here to shop for daily stuff as well as for marriage shopping. Right from bridal wear to your daily wear, you get it all here.

Day time at Chandi Chowk

So what really makes this place very special? Read on to find out:

# Oldest Shopping Area
Chandni Chowk is undoubtedly oldest shopping area in Delhi. It dates back to 17th century when Mughals established this area - just outside the historic red fort. There are just too many shops for every type of product.

#Biggest Wholesale Market in India
It is one of the biggest wholesale markets in India. As such, traders from all our India visit this place & always keep it buzzing with activity. Due to this wholesale market reputation, Chandni Chowk is perceived to be a place where one can get very good quality stuff at wholesale prices.

Saree shop at Chandni Chowk

#Easy Accessibility
It is located in central Delhi & is easily accessible through Delhi metro & buses.Ever since metro has started operations in this area, retail business has been booming. Many of the current retail showrooms have sprung after the metro connectivity.

#Old Delhi Food
Though there is no proof, but in my opinion, old Delhi food is also a big factor why people flock to this place for shopping. Spicy old Delhi delicacies like Gol-gappe, matar-kulcha, chola-bhatura attract food-lovers from all over Delhi & surrounding areas.

So, I think this is what I can describe in words about the magic of Chandni Chowk which attracts shoppers of all types. You got to visit this place to be truly able to experience & feel the hustle & bustle of this magnificent place.

IshiMaya - Introduction

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Through this first post, I would like to introduce you to - finest authentic ethnic Indian products online shopping portal.

IshiMaya - Meaning

First up meaning of Ishi Maya. In Sanskrit "Ishi" is the name of goddess Durga & "Maya" is associated with wealth or affluence. We joined these two words while picturing a women donning a beautiful ethnic Indian dresses like Saree or a Salwar Kameez or a Lehenga. We named our website "IshiMaya" owing to this very richness of Indian dressing.

The Beginning went live on 15th March, 2013. It was started from the first floor of a small residential building in west Delhi, India. On 16th March 2013, IshiMaya received its first order from London. This order was for a Pink colored saree. Only god knows how this very first customer located as there was no marketing or promotion done till this point in time. This customer later became a regular at IshiMaya & till date has ordered more than 15 dresses. was started so that a highly curated collection of ethnic Indian apparel like designer Sarees, fancy Salwar Kameez, lehengas (& lehenga style sarees) etc could be made available to people of Indian sub-continent origin residing in any part of the world. Our first set of customers were people of Bangladeshi origin from USA, UK & Australia.

Journey so far

What we have had at IshiMaya is not less than a roller coaster ride in almost 3 years of IshiMaya's existence. We started with only International operations. Within a month into operations, we started sales within India as well. Within first 6 months & without any marketing, our orders went from 5 orders per day to over 40 orders per day.

Each & every order made us believe more & more into IshiMaya story and it further strengthened our resolve to make IshiMaya #1 brand for ethnic Indian apparel.

So far - in around 3 years of operations, IshiMaya has grown organically & has thousands of customers in India & abroad. So far we have shipped our products in more than 40 countries. Out of every 3 customers, 2 are repeat customers. We have received many compliments from customers around our timeliness, authenticity of our products, quality of stitching & fitting & our awesome customer support.

IshiMaya is currently also selling on leading & niche marketplaces in India & abroad. Owing to the professionalism of our team, IshiMaya products have proven to be very good for marketplaces sales & name as well.

IshiMaya also counts various boutiques & re-sellers in India & abroad among its customers. This set of customers place regular orders from IshiMaya for re-selling objective to their target customers.

What's Next

Team at IshiMaya is now focusing on in-house designing & introduction of new product categories. We have had so far done successful launches of in-house designed sarees. Next in-house designed collections are targeted around product categories such as semi-formal gowns, salwar kameez & trendy bottom wear.

We are also looking forward to launch exclusive & highly curated collections of fashion or imitation jewelry, home decor & other fashion accessories.


I am glad that you read this very first blog post of mine. I am a beginner at writing, so please excuse mistakes or banal writing.

I promise to write regularly about other awesome things that we do at I will also write about the awesome team that we have here at I will also write some posts on the Chandni Chowk area, where's office is located.